James Mitchell Brown, M.A. – Professional Genealogist

Specializing in Genealogical Research of the Old American South

With three decades of experience, I offer the following genealogy services to help you with your southern lineage problems, research questions, or need of a public speaker:

  • CONSULTATION – provide expertise to address your questions to help you continue your research
  • FORMAL REVIEW – provide in-depth analysis and evaluation of your prior research and compilation
  • RESEARCH PLAN – provide a workable plan with strategic launching points to get your research back on track
  • CUSTOM RESEARCH – targeted investigation tailored to specifically address your unique project situation
  • PLATTING / MAPPING – development of plats or maps to aid in study of your ancestor’s community
  • SPEAKER – provide genealogical presentations designed to educate, entertain, and challenge your audience

Genealogy is a passionate pastime for many enthusiasts throughout the United States and across the globe. The quantity of internet resources continues to expand daily to facilitate convenient research. Social media has expanded one’s ability to network and communicate with relatives and researchers afar. The use of DNA has revolutionized genealogical investigation. It has now become a staple part of research for many to help unlock the gateway to family heritage. With such convenient aids, everyone should be achieving research progress, right?

Even with today’s online resources and means to conduct genealogical study, not everyone is experiencing the thrill of progress. For many descendants whose ancestors lived in the American South, current research is obstructed by an impasse or blocked lineage. If you count yourself among those whose research has ground to a halt, don’t despair—there’s good news.

If you’re seeking an experienced genealogist with a broad skill set to help you get back on track, wait no longer. I want to help you break down that research barrier that prevents you from extending your lines of pedigree. Your lineage problem doesn’t always have to be a chronic brick wall which thwarts you from learning more about your southern ancestors!

Don’t let your research question or problem continue to frustrate you. Feel free to contact me today.


Crafting yesteryear’s brick-wall genealogy into treasured family history!