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Genealogy Research Problems?

Have you scoured Internet resources looking for that elusive ancestor, but to no avail? Are you at an impasse and need guidance in developing a strategic genealogy research plan? Do you need on-site research but don't live in close proximity to the original records?

Let's jumpstart your genealogy and help you climb over that brick wall. Take advantage of my offer of a Free consultation and analysis on one of your southern ancestors.

On-site Research

With more than twenty years experience as an on-site researcher at many major archives and repositories from Virginia to Alabama, Mitchell specializes in eighteenth and nineteenth century southern records. He has worked extensively with the historical records of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. He will accept requests that range from simple document retrieval to intensive, on-site research. His affordable genealogy research rates and flexibility may be what you are looking for.

Internet Search and Research

The Internet has had a profound impact on the approach to genealogical research. Researchers are intrigued with genealogical resources available for "free, with just the click of a mouse." However, the credibility of such free data, especially data which lacks proper citation, is rightfully questionable and should be used only as a guide. Mitchell has extensive research experience in utilizing Internet resources as a "tool" in family history research. Using resources ranging from general databases to those hidden and overlooked nuggets, he strives to provide clients with the utmost quality of service.

Professional Genealogist

Mitchell Brown, proprietor
of SoutheasternRoots

Client Comments

"...I am working on a book about four generations of my family and I could not have gotten this project off the ground without Mitch's excellent, detailed work...."

Sheryll Cashin—
author of The Agitator's Daughter: A
Memoir of Four Generations of
One Extraordinary African-
American Family
(July 2008)

"...Mitch was able to accomplish in a few weeks what my whole family had been unable to do for years!..."

Renee Kernan
The Woodlands, TX

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