Welcome Genealogists!

Welcome genealogists to my SoutheasternRoots Genealogy Blog!

My name is James Mitchell Brown. I’m a novice to the blogging community, yet I have much knowledge to share with you about genealogy.

I’m a native Texan but was raised in Gloucester County, Virginia, in the tiny oyster and crabber community known today as Glass. It is situated on the historic Severn River on a peninsula formerly known as old “Saddler’s Neck.” As a matter of pedigree and residency, at one time or another my paternal and maternal direct-line ancestors collectively occupied every southern state from Virginia to Alabama (with the exception of Florida). So, as you naturally might suspect, my expertise resides in genealogical research of the Old American South.

Regarding education, I believe we can agree that family history research is not a static endeavor, as we never quit learning. Any genealogical subject of value will be fair game for me to share on this blog. I especially enjoy state and local records. Those include vital records, land records, probate material, and tax records. The topic of DNA and its use in family history is intriguing to a growing audience. I’m also a stickler for methodology, so I’ll share posts on the how-to as well. Of course, I’ll certainly include moments of research humor, travel to historic sites, terminology, etc.

Even if your ancestors resided outside the region, that doesn’t mean that the content of my posts will be irrelevant to you. Federal records encompass all forebears who resided in our great country—regardless of where they may have lived. Therefore, I’ll also feature treatment of various types of government records too. So, if you suspect an ancestor may have made a temporary “flying visit” to the region or just simply passed through as a part of the general westward movement, there’s something here for you as well.

This introductory post represents the first of many informative and entertaining tidbits I hope to upload in the weeks and months ahead. My plan is to share new posts on a weekly basis, so I hope you will stop by often. If a featured post strikes a chord with you, feel free to share your comments.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride with me. I hope you’ll make my blog one of your favorite places to visit.

Thanks for stopping by.