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Genealogists are inherently curious about their heritage. An intrical part of genealogical research is the pursuit of answers to questions. You’d agree, the study of family history certainly generates lots of ancestor questions. Some questions are simple and require a brief time to search or to look up. PROJECT QUESTIONS are the most complex and require specialized, CUSTOM RESEARCH to address.

SIMPLE-TYPE QUESTIONS (genealogy-related)

Finding an answer to a simple question generally requires a brief search or lookup. There are numerous categories for types of questions upon which a simple query is based. The examples below represent just a few of those categories:

  • What does the particular term “spider” found in my North Carolina ancestor’s estate inventory mean? [TERMINOLOGY]
  • What are the various nicknames for “Margaret” and “Esther”? [NAMES]
  • In what year did Alabama terminate the County Orphans Court and establish the County Probate Court statewide? [DATE (broadcasted)]
  • Were there any survivors in the aftermath of the Fort Mims Massacre which occurred in August 1813? [EVENT]
  • Where might I find the South Carolina law which defined the duties of a guardian of a minor during the period 1820-1830? [SOURCE]
  • In 1816, what was the principle land route taken by settlers who desired to travel from Pendleton District, South Carolina, to Lincoln County, Tennessee? [MIGRATION]


Do you have a simple-type question (U.S., American South research) that is genealogy-related? If so, I would be glad to freely address it for you. To submit your question, please fill out my Ask A Question: Free Consultation form.

Disclaimer: Depending on my itinerary and workload, I usually provide a written response to your question within a few days after your submission. If your submitted question requires more time and effort to search beyond what I consider a brief lookup, you will be notified and directed to my optional fee-based services.