Navigating the nuances and complexities associated with genealogical research of the Old American South can often be a daunting task. Are you seeking an experienced southern researcher who can provide custom research to address a blocked lineage or an unresolved, complex question? If so, I can help.

How long does the research process take?

Pursuing a record-search objective is usually a simple process. The focus is to locate a record or derivative source. It generally requires a brief or narrow search (a lookup). Therefore, the amount of time needed to do the task can generally be estimated.

Contrarily, addressing a research-related objective involves the application of research to a project question or complex problem. It is a process of exploring the historical unknown, is generally broad in scope, and relies heavily upon the study of original sources. It includes evaluation of prior research, planning, intensive analysis, correlation of information and evidence, treatment of conflicting evidence, post-analysis of findings, and formal report writing. Multiple sessions of work in arduous cases may be required to give proper treatment to the project question or problem. All of those variables factor into the amount of time needed for the investigation. Therefore, the overall time needed to address a broad, research-related objective is generally inestimable.


  • FORMAL REVIEW * (to enable development of Research Plan)
  • RESEARCH PLAN * (provides strategic steps for future research)
  • execution of Research Plan
  • post-analysis and evaluation of newest evidence
  • written report to chronicle the research process
  • summary of the findings (the results: positive and/or negative)
  • suggestions for continuance (if objective was not achieved)

* Prerequisite to future research

Disclaimer: I specialize in conducting problem-solving research relative to extending genealogical pedigrees of the Old American South. Thus, I’m unable to assist in modern-type research to locate living persons, missing persons, pursue adoption situations, or conduct heir tracking in current estate cases. To locate one of my fellow colleagues who will research such modern-type inquiries, please visit the Association of Professional Genealogists.


If you would like to submit a request for custom research, I’d be delighted to assist you. To submit your request, please fill out my RESEARCH REQUEST form.