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The following random obituaries and death notices have been transcribed verbatim from various 19th century and early 20th century newspapers in Alabama. Please bare in mind that the county newspaper in which the death was referenced does not imply that the person resided in that county.  All localities referenced are listed in parentheses beside the name. In some instances you will only see a tombstone photo, along with its transcription. Keep checking back from time to time, as more will be added periodically. (They are listed by county, and then in alphabetical order by last name.)

Autauga County
Richard Apperson
Ann B. Cook
Mr. W. F. Hinton (Billingsley, AL)
Mr. W. S. Pou (Autaugaville, AL)
Col. Addison Powell (Rockford, AL; Coosa County, AL; Brunswick County, VA)
Mary H. Saxon
Sarah L. M. Trimble
Martha Whetstone (South Carolina)
Blount County
John A. Bates
Butler County
Penny Wiggins - Black American (Greenville, AL)
Calhoun County
Mrs. Miles W. Abernathy (Anne Hoke)
Miss Willie Aderholdt

Jeff Alford (Alford's Bend, Etowah County, AL)
Tim Anderson (Huntsville, AL)
Rev. J. K. Armstrong (Grenada, AL; Decatur, AL)
Emma Boone (Hawkinsville, GA)
Hue Boyle (Coleburg)
Major Brook (Choccolocco Valley, AL)
Hosea Browning (Beat 7; South Carolina)
Mrs. P. D. Burks (formerly Miss Maude Beacham, Patona, AL)
Mrs. T. D. Bynum (Bynum, AL)
Barron Carnahan

Mrs. Clark
Gabe Coats (Eutaw, AL)
Mr. Nattie Cobb (Choccolocco Valley, AL)
Mrs. Cobb (Choccolocco Valley, AL)
William M. Cochran
A. B. Cooper (Union Springs, AL)
Frank Crook - (Alexandria, AL)
Si Crow - Black American
Mrs. Dean (Ashville)
John DeArman (Wetumpka, AL)
Michael Dickinson (Water Valley, MS)
Jackson Dicky (Peeks Hill, AL)
James Dothard
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
Jas. Drake (Decatur, AL)
Mrs. Robert Draper (Choccolocco, AL; Texas)
Permelia F. Edmiston (Mt. Zion Cemetery - Alexandria)
Mrs. Elgin (Weaver's Station, AL)

Allen Elston (Choccolocco Valley, AL)
Mrs. Hames Fleming (Glen Addie, AL)
George W. Foster (Tuscaloosa, AL; Anniston, AL)
Susan F. Gidley
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
James A. Gladden (Alexandria Valley, AL)

Jerry Gladden - Black American
Mrs. Wyly Glover (Merrelton, AL)
Jno. P. Gore
James A. Graham (Jacksonville, AL)
Jacob Green (Alexandria Valley, AL; Jacksonville, AL - Tombstone & Obituary)
Mrs. Lennie B. Griffin (Baldwyn, MS)
Oswald Griffin (Choccolocco Valley, AL)
Wyly Harrison (Duke's Station, AL)
William Henderson (Piedmont, AL)
Mrs. Thomas Herron
Jos. Hill (Birmingham, AL)
Mrs. C. T. Hilton (Oxford, AL)
Daniel Hinds (Oxanna, AL)
James Hollingsworth
Annie Findley Hubbard
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
Mary T. Hughes (Piedmont, AL; South Carolina)
William J. Hughes, Jr. (Cross Plains, AL; Weaver's Station, AL)
Mrs. George W. Humphries
Captain Euclid Johnson (White Plains, Jacksonville, Montgomery, Selma, AL; Rome, GA)
Robert Johnson
William Johnson or William Johnston (White Plains, AL)
Sims Kelly (Mt. Zion Cemetery - Alexandria; Obituary & Tombstone)
William Laird (California)
Pamelia Woodruff Lanford (Mt. Zion Cemetery - Alexandria)
Mrs. E. J. Lee (Oxford, AL)
G. F. Love (Plano, Cherokee County, AL)
Mrs. Frank Mallory (Talladega County, AL; Birmingham, AL)
Irvin Martin (Alexandria Valley, AL)
Robert Martin (Peeks Hill, AL)
George W. Mathews
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
Elizabeth H. Matthews (Jacksonville City Cemetery)
Miss Lou Mattison (Jacksonville, AL)
Mrs. McCain
(Jacksonville, AL)
Alf McCarty (Peeks Hill, AL)
Durham McClellan (Cross Plains, AL)
Mrs. McDaniel
John McElrath (Spartanburg, SC; Nazarath, SC)
William A. McMillan (Little Rock, AR; Anniston, AL)
Catherine C. (Echols) McPherson (Jasper County, GA; Oxford, AL)
Jimmy Mohon
G. C. (Caleb) Morgan (Choccolocco valley, AL)
Mrs. Clark Morgan nee Martin (White Plains, AL)
Rev. Theophilus Moody (Gadsden, AL)
Isaac Moragne (Etowah County, AL)
Berry T. Moreland
Isaac G. Morris (North Carolina; St. Clair County, AL
; Choccolocco, AL)
J. C. Morrow (Jefferson County, AL)
Mrs. Lucinda Nabors (Ohatchie, AL)
Mrs. Wesley Neal (Ball Play, AL)
Mrs. R. H. Neighbors
Jas. G. Nesbit
Mr. G. H. Nixon (Montgomery, AL)
Mrs. D. T. Parker (Anniston, AL)
Duncan Parker (Anniston, AL)
Thomas Parker (Ohatchee, AL)
Mrs. Parsons (Talladega County, AL)
Johnathan Phillips (Alexandria, AL)
Mrs. Phillips
Mrs. Mattie Phillips (Cuero, DeWitt County, TX)
John Batisti Ponquinette (Otis Mills, Mobile County, AL)
Johnnie M. Prater (Weaver's Station, AL)
Jo Price (Birmingham, AL)
Mathew M. Price
Miles Privett (Near Memphis, TN)
Robert R. Pruitt (Abbeville District, SC; Georgia)
John W. Ramsey (Centre, AL; Cleveland, TN)
Wallace K. Reese (Attalla, Etowah County, AL)
Joseph Reidinger (Sand Mountain, AL)
Andrew J. Richie (Richey)
Mrs. J. Seymore Rodgers (Oxford, AL; Griffin, GA)
Gus Ross (Davisville, AL)
Mary Samuels (Granville, NC; Georgia)
Sarah Sampler (Columbia County, GA)
Mrs. F. M. Savage (Cross Plains, AL)
Sallie Savage
(Cross Plains, AL)
William Scott (Rutherford County, NC)
Mrs. Shell (Jacksonville, AL)
C. B. Sisson
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
Fannie B. Smith nee Payne (Sheffield, AL)

George Smith
- Black American (Gadsden, AL)
Henry D. Smith (Crawfordsville, GA; Anniston, AL)
Mr. J. H. Smith (Heflin, AL; Anniston, AL)
Prof. J. H. Starke (Cross Plains, AL)
James A. Stevenson
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
Ross Tilden Stevenson (Jacksonville City Cemetery)
Mrs. E. A. Taylor (Concho Mail Station, Tom Green Co, TX, White Plains, AL)
Mr. F. C. Taylor (Concho Mail Station, TX)
Mrs. T. H. Taylor
Elijah Teague (Davisville, AL)
Fitzhue Thornton (Tuscumbia, AL)
James Turner
Mrs. Turney (Tennessee)
Edward L. Vernon
H. F. Vernon
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
John Vessel
Mrs. Dave R. Wakely (Texas; Germania, AL)
Arch Walker (St. Clair County, AL)
Sarah M. Walker 
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
Catherine Watson (White Plains, AL)
Elisha V. Weaver (Jacksonville, AL)
Mrs. Whitlock
James Livingston Wilbanks (Jackson County, GA; Morrisville, AL)
Mr. A. D. Wilkins
Mr. J. B. Williams
Mr. J. C. Wilson
Joseph H. and Elizabeth Wilson
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
Mercer Woodruff (Mt. Zion Cemetery - Alexandria)
Juliet Eliza Wood
Alexander Woods (Ocala, FL)
Mrs. Woods
Eddie Woodward

Wallace Henry Woodward
Elsie A. Wyly
(Jacksonville City Cemetery)
John Yoe ( Oxford, AL; Jacksonville, AL)
Cherokee County
Rev. W. H. Burton
Matilda Worthington
- Black American (Bibb County, AL; Pratt City, AL)
Cleburne County
Mrs. J. M. Beggs
William Henry (Edwardsville, AL)
Taylor Mann (Tallapoosa)
Harrison Wise (Arbacoochee, AL)
Dallas County
Ben N. Boggs (Selma, AL)
Jefferson County
Mrs. J. N. Darby (Woodlawn, AL)
Frank and Becky Lester
- Black American (Leeds, AL)
Mrs. Norman
Miss Jennie Thompson
Lamar County
Mrs. Ned Lawrence (Vernon, AL)
Lauderdale County
Mr. M. P. Asher (Florence, AL)
Madison County
Julia Thompson
Marion County
Tom Ellis Robinson (Bexar, AL)
Mobile County
Azaline M. Brewer
Mary Jane Quigley
Morgan County
Capt. J. M. Todd (Matt) (Decatur, AL)
Randolph County
John Rigsby (Wedowee, AL)
St. Clair County
Rev. Peter Harden (Odenville, AL)
Obadiah Mize (Beaver Valley, AL)
Talladega County
Mattie Smelly (Alpine, AL)
Thomas J. Sylvester (Estaboga, AL)
Tallapoosa County
Sarah Elizabeth Cotney nee Motley (Daviston, AL)
Dr. E. W. Dunson
(Harmony Cemetery - New Site)
Joseph H. Green (Harmony Cemetery - New Site)

Mrs. N. A. Irvin
(Harmony Cemetery - New Site)
J. P. Loyd
(Harmony Cemetery - New Site)
Martha E. Minton
(Harmony Cemetery - New Site)
James K. Peters
(Harmony Cemetery - New Site)



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