Land platting-mapping is utilized by genealogists to establish a visual aid to enhance the study of the physical layout of an ancestor’s real property. Computer software programs and cloud-based applications are available to the modern researcher to help create a graphical layout of the ancestor’s focal piece of property. Most can produce drawings which can display physical boundary, acreage, depict inherent geographical features, and show names of adjoining landholders, while others provide the ability to superimpose or overlay the produced drawing onto modern topographical maps or Google™ satellite images to assist in GPS tracking. But what is lacking in modern graphic programs or applications is the ability to instantly assess adjoining properties. That can only be achieved through additional custom research.


In 1784, Edward Hall sought a land warrant in Georgia to acquire a parcel situated within the boundaries of lengthy Washington County. After having obtained his warrant for survey, the survey was executed and platted that same year and was later recorded in Georgia’s Office of Surveyor General. The original recorded plat had been microfilmed, thus a photocopy was obtained for further study. As one might expect, portions of the featured annotation on the old plat were legible, while other parts were poorly written and needed deeper scrutiny. Reproduction of the plat using modern graphic technology will be a necessary first step in learning more about Mr. Hall’s focal property—to be later followed up with custom research regarding the named adjoining landowners and their properties.

Original recorded plat:

  • some structural elements are vague or unclear
  • lacks specified N/S geographic orientation

original survey plat - Edward Hall




Modern drawn plat (clear image; proper geographic orientation)

  • structural elements are clearly reproduced
  • proper N/S geographic orientation has been determined

modern survey plat - Edward Hall








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