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Newspaper Chronicles of Calhoun County's Past, 1871-1899
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Having no formal published county history to its credit, Alabama's Calhoun County was a hotbed of migrational settlement during the post-Reconstruction era. Much of her nineteenth century rural history was chronicled in the testimonials echoed by local correspondents in their weekly "locals news" submissions published in her county's newspapers. In an effort to capture the "feel for the times," the author is developing a series of books which will appeal to both genealogists and historians.

The books in this series will feature selected rural towns of Calhoun County's past. Taken from microfilm copies of extant newspapers, fully transcribed articles for each locality will be placed in chronological order depicting the "local news" as it was then reported. Brief historical sketches and an index will be included.

Here is an excerpt from Newspaper Chronicles of Calhoun County's Past, 1871-1899.

This valuable series will provide a plethora of substitute resource information in lieu of the unavailable 1890 Federal Census Population Schedules.

Alabama's Gold Rush, 1831-1861

Born out of a deep desire to learn more about his ancestors and their role of participation in the gold mining activity of northeast Alabama, the author wrote his Master's Thesis on the obscure subject of Alabama's Gold Rush. The focal towns include Arbacoochee, Chulafinnee, and Goldville. To date, his thesis remains the sole written work on this little known yet fascinating historical event. In an effort to make this work available to the public, he is currently revising his thesis and plans to include it soon in his list of available publications.

Robert Turlington and His Patented Balsam of Life

As an avid antique bottle collector for over forty years, Mitchell has studied the life of Robert Turlington of London and the myriad of embossed medicinal bottles which purportedly contained his famous patented medicinal formula known as the Balsam of Life. In this forthcoming publication, he will expound on Turlington's unique legacy and accomplishments as a English patent medicine vendor. This publication will explore Turlington's genealogical roots, his business activities around the Royal Exchange, and his diligent campaign to litigate and prevent counterfeiting of his famous patented medicine. A major portion of the book will be devoted to an in-depth analysis of the many archaeological examples of bottles. Containing detailed photographs of many known examples, this reference guide will be a must-have publication for bottle collectors, archaeologists, museum curators, historians, and genealogists researching the Turlington surname.

For more information regarding this London merchant and his famous medicine, please check out Mitchell's brief commentary on Robert Turlington's Balsam.

If you are interested in the above publications as they are made available for purchase, please contact him for details.

Past Publications

History of Weaver, Alabama

Mitchell was
awarded a special commendation in 1994 by the mayor and city council of the City of Weaver, Alabama, working in conjunction with the City of Weaver Historical Society, for compiling and writing a book in 1994 entitled, History of Weaver, Alabama. This book was donated to the city and the proceeds from sales were earmarked to help procure a historical marker. This publication is available at the city hall in Weaver, Alabama.



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