(All services are conducted under a signed agreement)

Custom research is $45.00 per hour, plus any reimbursable expenses. I require a 50% retainer to cover one-half of the overall quantity of work hours to be authorized. The remainder will be due at the conclusion of the work, prior to the release of the report and related materials. Because of your unique objective and circumstances, the number of hours required to start your special project will be discussed in my response to your request.

Other research-related services (Mind Mapping, Neighborhood Study, Platting/Mapping) are also $45.00 per hour.

Acceptable payment method for services:

  • Personal Check (allow time for bank clearance)
  • Money Order (USPS only)
  • Online direct invoicing conducted through PayPal™


Please provide a brief synopsis of the nature and scope of your research efforts to date. If I’m able to accept a commission to service your request, I will contact you to discuss the parameters of your research project and the protocol on how to proceed. If I’m unable to service your request, you will be informed otherwise.

Thank you for submitting your research request for custom research.

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